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About Kevin

Kevin Sabella is a Paralegal. He is a candidate for Babylon Town Clerk. 

Mr. Sabella has been involved with his community civic service organizations since freshman year of high school. 

Prior to running for Babylon Town Clerk, Mr. Sabella has been a paralegal since 2014. Since that time Mr. Sabella has utilized technology that makes the modern office operate efficiently and inexpensively. 

Kevin Sabella attended Nassau Community College from Fall 2007 through Spring 2009 until transferring to Stony Brook University in Spring 2009. In 2012 Mr. Sabella earned a Bachelors degree in Political Science, and in 2013 Mr. Sabella earned his Masters in Public Policy from Stony Brook University. In addition, Mr. Sabella returned to Nassau Community College where he earned a Paralegal Certificate from Nassau Community College in 2014. 

Kevin Sabella is a member of his local fraternal organization. In his local fraternal organization Mr. Sabella serves as Trustee. Mr. Sabella is also a member of his church's Pastoral Council. 


Kevin Sabella Jr for Babylon Town Clerk (KSBTC)
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