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To give more background about myself as a candidate for Babylon Town Clerk. I was a NYS State Senate Intern in 2013 in the aftermath of Super Storm Sandy. As an intern I volunteered to make phone calls to people who needed help because I wanted to do my part to help my fellow citizens get relief of any kind. It was difficult to do because I was holding back a cough I had due to tearing out sheet rock and insulation (even though I wore a safety mask) from my own home that suffered severe damage and flooding. And as Babylon Town Clerk I want to serve my fellow citizens again.


Town Workers: First and foremost, as a concerned citizen and a candidate for Babylon Town Clerk, it is unfair for our faithful and hard working public workers, which includes workers in the Babylon Town Clerks Office,  to be blind sided with a constitutional convention that would serious jeopardize their contracts which they have more than earned.

Going Paperless/ Going Green: As Babylon Town Clerk, I am going to make sure we have a filing system that is electronic and backed up on servers that are not connected to the internet. This is so as to avoid loss of documentation due to power outages, cyber security breaches or natural disasters. For physical documents, if it hasn't been done already, will be sent to an undisclosed file storage facility that handles confidential physical file storage.

Future Storms: As a victim of Super Storm Sandy; I pledge to use my office in any way I can to help assist any victims that suffered damage to their homes as a result of Sandy. Also, for future storms I am going to use the clerks offices as a referral source for people to go to for information about grants and donation.

The environment:


I care about the environment and I care about going paperless. I will do everything in my power to make sure the clerks office is as paperless as possible within reason.


Additionally I will instruct the office to recycle any office supplies within reason, in order to cut cost and keep up with the spirit of recycling.


On November 7th there's going to be a ballot initiative on the back of your ballot that's going to ask whether or not you would want a New York State Constitutional Convention, I am asking you to vote no because those public workers that have faithfully served us shouldn't be left out in the financial wilderness.


As Babylon town clerk, I will make sure that the workers in the office get the best deal they can regarding their contracts, pensions, salary, pay raises and vacation / overtime.



Kevin Sabella Jr for Babylon Town Clerk (KSBTC)
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