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Latest updates from the campaign:

To give more background about myself as a candidate for State Assemblyman 11th District. I was a NYS State Senate Intern in 2013 in the aftermath of SuperStorm Sandy. As an intern I volunteered to make phone calls to people who needed help because I wanted to do my part to help my fellow citizens get relief of any kind. It was difficult to do because I was holding back a cough I had due to tearing out sheetrock and insulation (even though I wore a safety mask) from my own home that suffered severe damage and flooding. When voted in for 11th District Assemblyman I want to serve my fellow citizens again.

Our Veterans: We would not be free if it were not for their bravery facing the enemy who wants to destroy our freedom as we know it and enjoy it. We need to continue to create and fund programs to make their lives easier to manage and as a way of thanking them for their service. I also will make sure that any veteran that is owed medals for their service be awarded them and duly recognized officially by my office. They earned them with sacrifice, some with their ultimate sacrifice. Some of our veterans suffer from a host of war related illnesses. I will make sure we find ways to help them deal with their issues.

Our Youth: Over the years there has been a gross misappropriation of funds from Albany for education. School Districts are owed money. While recent school aid increases are helping, there is still a long tough road ahead. There are literally hundreds of millions of dollars still owed to the school system. I want to help give the teachers the tools to provide a quality education to our youth.

Our Community: When elected I will fight to get more funding for the drug epidemic in our community. I want to work with the police department and civic groups to rid our community of this problem that destroys lives, families, and future generations. This will not be tolerated in MY DISTRICT!!  I am a resident of this district, and raised in this district. I call this home just like you do.



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